Weekly - Heat N Eat Meal

$31.25 $27.50

Try all the 5 items on the menu this week. 8 Oz servings of delicious Infuzn Entrees for just $5.50.

A $ 31.25 value. Infuzn will deliver Meals on Sunday.

Each meal includes 8 Oz containers of refrigerated items from the menu for that Sunday -

Soup of the Week
Infuzn Specialty Grain Entree
Infuzn Rice Entree
Infuzn Potato Entree
Infuzn Super Entree

The Infuzn Potato and Infuzn Super Entree can be used as filling in your choice of tortilla wrap.

Non-gluten-free entree will be substituted for gluten free option. Vegan entree will be substituted with non-vegan entree.